【Emery】「Riptide」【Vance Joy Cover (Ukulele + Vocals)】

this is my first time doing a "mainstream" cover, or at least a song not from a show or some other kind of media, on this channel. i know the song itself is a little old by now but i still really like it, and so i wanted to share this cover with you all. it's a one-shot recording, so it was done kind of hastily and definitely not my best vocal job, but i like the song too much not to upload it. i was sick for about 3 weeks and couldn't record anything, and i felt bad about leaving y'all hanging for so long. i hope you don't disapprove of me doing something a bit non-traditional of my channel. that's about all i have to say, so i'll leave this as it is - i hope you like it!

original song: "Riptide" by Vance Joy
art: official art by Rebecca Sugar and the artists of Steven Universe
music and vocals: me! (emery) (the ukulele is back bois)

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